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folkestone nutritionist

transform yourself in just 12 weeks

Experts in Weight Loss & Muscle Building!

Unlock your weight loss and muscle-building potential with evidence-based nutrition. Achieve lasting results by following proven, science-backed dietary strategies tailored to your goals. Join us today!

Want your nutrition to be simpler?
Do you want to finally get the results you deserve that make you
feel, perform and look better?


You are not alone! I have worked with a lot of people in your position who have tried many different ways to get the body they want, only to fail from bad advice, fad diets and the conflicting views sprouted by an industry full of misleading advice from people looking to make a quick buck!

As much effort as you put into your workouts, training and other physical efforts to lose weight, build muscle or whatever your goal may be - unless you put in just as much (in most cases more) effort into your nutrition, you are unlikely to see the results you desire!

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to talk to someone about your current nutritional habits, and get advice on improvements to reach your goals that don't require you to just eat Chicken and Broccoli, cut all carbs or do cardio for hours everyday?

Well that's exactly what you will get from me if we work together!

I understand we all like to enjoy our food and social time, a nice meal out with desert or evening out with friends. And we all have responsibilities that 'seem to' get in the way, work commitments, family responsibilities etc etc . . . .

Does that mean the only way we can have the body we want is to give up these things?


That's where what I do comes into play!

Want to find out more?

client results

What your plan includes . . .


Diet / Meal Plan -

We determine your ideal calories, protein, fats & carbs, then put this all in an easy to follow plan that suits your lifestyle & food choices.


Training / Physical Activity Programme -

A full training programme & cardio/physical activity schedule designed for you, your specific goals & your time allowance/schedule.


Weekly Check-in -

Your coach will check stats & progress with you, make necessary adjustments & keep you accountable & on track to achieve your goal!


Supplement Plan -

Don't be fooled by clever marketing! Supplements can benefit you, but only if you need them! Your plan will include supplement recommendations & dosages specific to you. 


24/7 Support -

Our Mind Muscle Fitness app allows your to stay in contact at all times to ensure you are getting the most out of your plan with us!

Weekly Payment Option

Training & Nutrition Plan



Every week

12 week plan at £56.25 p/week + a £100 set up fee

Best Value

Training & Nutrition Plan



£675 upfront for 12 weeks, £45 thereafter (no set up fee)

Valid until canceled

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folkestone nutritionist
MNU Certified Nutritionist Kent

The Gold Standard of Nutrition Practitioners

Our nutrition theory, behaviour change techniques, and extensive studies & experience through MNU (Mac Nutrition Uni) enable us to consistently deliver exceptional results. We've transformed a diverse range of clients, proving our expertise in helping individuals reach their health and fitness goals. Join us for a transformative journey today!

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